Friday, April 27, 2012

Xenophobic "X"

Okay ... X?  Really?  I knew that this is where my challenge would stumble a bit.  To come up with just X words would be no problem, but things that make me smile?  So, let's just say that some of the things on this list are a bit of a stretch!  :)
  1. XM Radio - I had a free three months when I bought my new car.  I wasn't going to pay to keep it (I mean after all I just got a new car payment), but I loved it while it lasted.
  2. Xylophone - Did you know that the prefix xyl means wood?  Xylophones were originally made of wood bars.  Learning something new is always a good thing.
  3. Xerox machines
  4. XBOX 360 - love my Lego games, and the Kinect is awesome too.
  5. Xanadu - I love movie musicals and knew that Xanadu would definitely be on my 'X' list!

What would have been on your 'X' list?

TTFN ... Cat

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  1. How's about X-rays that show the bone ISN'T broken? Almost done... just two more to go!


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