Monday, April 09, 2012

Happy "H"

  1. my Hubby - always can get me to laugh!
  2. Hot Towels right out of the Dryer
  3. Halloween
  4. Honeysuckle
  5. Hole-In-One Hoagies - in Cambridge Springs, PA ... the best hoagies ever!
  6. Hockey - more specific, NHL Carolina Hurricanes ... "Let's Go Canes!"

Do you watch or participate in sports?  have a favorite team?

TTFN ... Cat


  1. Your blog is so cute, and I love that it's so happy and positive.

    I found you blog on the A to Z list, it's nice to meet you.

    1. Good to meet you too, Danielle! Glad you stopped by!

  2. Hot towels from the dryer are awesome! I have a friend who throws hers in the dryer before she showers. But she's single and lives alone and the dryer is right outside her bathroom.... :)

    1. I wish my dryer was right by my bathroom because I would do this too. If I'm by myself, I have to take the towels out of the dryer before I get in the shower, which sort of defeats the purpose. LOL!


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