Monday, April 16, 2012

Naughty "N"

  1. North Carolina - vacation baby ... will be there in about 2 weeks!!  Yay!
  2. Neat and Organized Spaces
  3. Neck Massages
  4. New Hair-do
  5. "Nuts and Bolts" - what we used to call homemade Chex mix.  My mom made this around Christmas time, and now I make it twice a year.  Homemade is so much better than store bought!
  6. NFL games
  7. Nana Presents - we called my maternal grandma Nana when she became a great-grandma.  She was a very crafty lady, and it was always a thrill to receive something that she had made.  For a while, everyone was getting handmade ornaments at Christmas.  Here are some of mine.

Have you received any presents that you cherished more than any other?

TTFN ... Cat


  1. Yes, granny was predictable at Christmas time. She ALWAYS made us kids something and, by gosh, mom made us open it up on Christmas Eve and then wear it the next morning.

    Hey, enjoy your vacation in N.C.


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