Thursday, April 26, 2012

Welcoming "W"

  1. Wonderful Friends - old and new!
  2. Wine
  3. Waffles
  4. Walks on the Beach with Hubby
  5. Wipeout - I can't believe the people on this show don't get seriously hurt, but it's so funny!
  6. Wildlife - seen out my back door ... love seeing the deer, turkeys, and groundhogs.  I could sit and watch them for hours.
  7. WKRP in Cincinnati - one of my fav sitcoms from 'back in the day' ... many episodes made me smile.
  8. Waldameer Park - small amusement park in Erie, right on the lake ... has given me some great memories.  Below is a picture of the Whacky Shack, a dark ride created in 1970 by the master of all dark rides, Bill Tracy.  For anyone going to Waldameer, the Whacky Shack is a must!

Are you a dark ride enthusiast?  If so, check out, the website for the dark ride and funhouse enthusiasts.  In all my digging around, I also found out that Waldameer has a blog

TTFN ... Cat

1 comment:

  1. WKRP is fondly remembered. We still talk about the turkeys being tossed out the helicopter.

    No, I don't like dark rides!


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