Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Hello from PA!

So 3 weeks after the move and boxes are still everywhere, and knowing me like only I do, I would expect me to be stressed beyond belief that I still don't have a job. Funny though that I'm not! I'm so happy with the choice I made to move back here to be with the one I love. It's amazing really how relaxed I am even though there is still so much to do.

Gordy and I are slowly getting used to our two single lives being combined into one. We are taking the time to figure out our financial situation before we get tv or internet service. That's right ... no tv or internet at my house!! I actually have mixed feelings about being so far in the country. You have to drive a while to get to any sort of shopping. Our small town has the basics to get through but a decent grocery store (or even Walmart) is 20 minutes away! But on the other hand, it's so peaceful. We have horses across the street (dirt road) and wild turkeys that come in our back yard field (the momma usually has about 5 little ones with her). As we drive through the back roads I've seen tons of deer, woodchucks, and rabbits. At night there are tons of lighning bugs and when it's clear, you can see every star in the sky! I love the serenity!!

So until I find a job I'm reading a lot, working on a quilt (small wall hanging) for the kitchen, and watching DVD's. I try to go to the library at least every other day to use their internet to check my mail, and of course facebook. I head into Erie about once a week just for something to do. I've checked out the bowling alley in town and put my name in for a league in the fall. We went to the lake a couple times but I haven't gone swimming yet ... water is still too cold for me. But I will admit I've missed the view!

I miss everyone in NC, but I'm happy to be in PA! Love much ... Cat

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