Thursday, May 20, 2010

The Beginning ...

I am a teacher. A burnt out, tired, irritated, and thouroughly frustrated high school math teacher. I love math and I love teaching. But the apathy and attitude that I receive from the students is shocking, and I come away every day feeling mentally and physically drained.

I am a woman. A divorced mother of one 19 year old. I have spent my adult life catering to a son and husband. I had a preconceived idea of what marriage was, and had a very hard time when that idea of mine was no where near reality. Even though I fought it, divorce was emminant. I figured I wouldn't get serius about anyone again, but at the same time, after all I have given of me to others, when is it my turn to receive?

The setting: Summer 2009 ... 20 years after high school. I am just out of a not-so-good relationship, my son has just graduated high school and is at job training for the National Guard, and I am on break from school. I'm so bored and have decided to pass my time on Facebook. Because this is the time for our 20th high school reunion, I am being bombarded with friend requests of people I haven't thought of in years. This is really interesting to see where and how everyone is but out of all the people I knew in high school there are about 4 or 5 that I really wanted to see again. So I search for these people, one of which was Gordy. I was in shock when I found him! In less than a week we were emailing and talking often on the phone, just catching up and getting to know each other again (we live 600 miles away from each other!) After about a month of that I just had to see him. And that was the beginning!


Almost one year later and Gordy and I have successfully kept up this long distance relationship, talking all the time and seeing each other about once a month. In 35 days I am moving to be with him. I am taking an indefinite break from teaching, and am looking forward to the adventure ahead. I am going to try to keep up regular blog posts to let everyone know how and what I'm doing. Since I'm not going to be teaching, I foresee a lot of time on my hands! :)

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