Thursday, December 01, 2011

One Down, A Bazillion To Go

I know ... me being the "math geek" that I am ... is there truly a number called "bazillion"?  That word just makes it seem like an unattainable amount, but not as unattainable as infinity so I still have hope.  I'm talking about the many items on my "To Do" list.  During my  Thanksgiving holiday, I managed to finish the afghan I've been working on for, oh lets just say three years (even though I know it's been more than that)!  Yay!  But I have also managed to add about 5 more things to that list.  Ideas that I have, things I want to accomplish, crafty projects that seem so much fun.  The list will never end, and I'm okay with that.  It is a huge thrill to just be able to cross off one thing that's been there so long ... and it's pretty too!

Did anyone else have a productive holiday?

TTFN ... Cat

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