Saturday, October 01, 2011

Part of a Complete Breakfast

I love fall!  I love the sights, smells, and tastes that fall brings.  And with fall comes Halloween!  And with Halloween comes the fun costumes, decorations, and I will definitely not leave out the candy as well as all the other yummy treats!  So, G and I were grocery shopping last night, and displayed at the end of an isle was cereal.  Not unusual, I agree.  But this was not just any cereal!  BOO BERRY!!!! For some reason, General Mills (the Big G) has decided that Boo Berry, along with Frankenberry and Count Chocula will only reappear once a year.  Was this always like this?  I seem to remember seeing it the cereal isle on a regular basis.  Anyway, now that they are only out around Halloween it totally sucks because I love these cereals!  So, of course, even though I'm supposed to be back on my "eating healthy" thing, I had to get a box of Boo Berry ... and just finished off my first bowl this morning!  Mmmmmm!

First commercial with Boo Berry (1973).

I don't remember, as I was growing up, getting to have too many "fun" cereals.  Dad would always buy stuff like "puffed rice" (which to me had the consistency of mushy cardboard, and tasted how I thought mushy cardboard would taste) and really expected me and my sister to eat it.  And when we didn't, and it would sit in the cupboard and get old and stale and need to be thrown away, then he would swear not to buy us cereal ever again.  But for some reason, I remember Boo Berry.  I don't know if this memory is from when I was younger or from when I was older and was able to buy my own cereal.  All I know is this cereal ROCKS!

Are there any cereals you remember from your childhood that you absolutely love?

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