Monday, June 27, 2011

My Sea of Unfinished Projects

Just three of the many unfinished projects!

Afghans, cross-stitch, quilts ... oh my!  Afghans, cross-stitch, quilts ... oh my!  I'm walking on an endless yellow brick road made of yarn, material, and thread!  Whatever shall I do?

If this was truly a dream and I was in Oz, I would ask the Wizard for a 48-hour day instead of 24.  I would want the same amount of sleep but only work 8 hours at my job so that I could spend the rest of the time working on all these unfinished projects that are sitting at home just waiting for my attention.  My poor sewing machine has a layer of dust so thick I'm going to need a jack-hammer just to break through.

But why do I always start something else when I know all of these other projects are unfinished?  I would love to say it's hereditary ... but my mom is pretty good at finishing something once she starts.  And I bet my grandma doesn't have even one project just sitting while she is working on another.  Is it laziness?  I'm the first to tell anyone how lazy I am, but when it comes to crafty stuff I'm usually all over it.  I don't think this issue will ever get resolved.  Maybe I just need to learn to be okay with that!   :-)

I hope the Wizard can help me come up with a plan of attack.  And while he's at it, maybe he can keep me from shopping for new yarn, material, and thread!  Hobby Lobby just opened up here so I think the Wizard is going to need some divine help!!!


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